Yomei House
Yomei House

Yomei House

Classic modern meets the design culture of Yomei.

Yomei meets architecture

Cubic shapes and clear lines characterize the style of this house design. The striking separation of the house façade between wood and plaster is an additional factor. In order to continue the clarity in the interior, the living / dining area was generously considered in the floor plan and designed completely open.

Yomei House

Open space plays a big role in this house

An open staircase connects the kitchen-living room with the second level of the house. Here the bedroom with bathroom and a study share the spacious room. The bedroom is flooded with light through the all-round glazed bay window. The view - as far as the sky can reach.

The vision of sophisticated living in minimalist style becomes reality

The clear, reduced design language is completed by the selection of noble, genuine, natural materials such as leather, metal, solid wood and real stone in the interior.

The circle is closed. And the vision of sophisticated living in minimalist style becomes reality.

Furniture in this project

Floor plan

Yomei House

The DNA of Yomei is reflected in every room of this project.

André Schelbach

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