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If you look at it closely, Schelbach Home continues a long family tradition that has its origin as well as its home in Detmold: Design that is defined by its intrinsic value and conveys harmony and joie de vivre as part of a living culture.

Schelbach Home Exhibition Detmold Rendering
Andre Schelbach

About Schelbach Home

In 2010, Schelbach Home was founded by André Schelbach and his parents, Siegfried and Doris Schelbach, and established in China. The company has its roots in the internationally active design company s-designteam , which has been in existence for 40 years and was founded by Siegfried Schelbach in 1975 and has already won several awards.

André Schelbach was born and grew up in Detmold, East Westphalia. His famous creation is the Secretaire Magic Desk, which he designed for his company Yomei in 2008 and which won the Red Dot Award the following year.

Years of furniture experience
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Made in Germany

Together the Schelbach family stands for experience and innovation

With their long design tradition, the Schelbach family business has made a name for itself that stands for quality work made in Germany as well as for innovation. It is important to all three family members, all of whom are designers, that knowledge and skills are continuously developed and that their furniture continues to maintain the quality for which it is already known worldwide.

Schelbach Home Family