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Design with vision

We promote home decor. No short-lived trends.

Aesthetics meets durability

Our furnishing projects offer a special living experience. But one that lasts for a long time. To ensure this, we bear responsibility from the very beginning - from the design to the selection of materials to the resource-saving processing.

Yomei S100 Sideboard

Sustainable furniture design made in Germany

Yomei Employees in wood processing

Furniture with a long life

We design and produce designer furniture with a high practical value. The more solid the foundation has to be, the more thought-out the details and the higher the quality of the materials. Everything fulfils its purpose and is processed, assembled, finished and tested by hand. The result: a high-end product that inspires in everyday life and at the same time ensures durability with its longevity.

S100 Desk Drawer Detail


Honest materials provide naturalness and harmony

At Yomei, our manufacturing, solid wood plays a supporting role as a core material alongside leather and stone. The art here is to let this strength appear filigree and to preserve the authenticity of all materials.

Ray wall board

Every piece of wood used is processed in a gentle manner so that the furniture retains its sensual appeal, remains breathable and healthy to live in.

Healthy living

For Schelbach Home it is of particular importance that the wood is free of pesticides and hazardous substances. The wood is processed into robust, low-warpage and formaldehyde-free boards. Using only natural oils, the wood remains free of toxins and retains its excellent properties: it absorbs moisture and releases it slowly to ensure a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.

Yomei Product Wall cabinet


Our new Schelbach Home exhibition in Detmold is powered by a large solar system.

View of the solar system

Certificates and quality features

RAL Logo

The "Golden M" - the quality mark for tested furniture

The Blue Angel Logo

The blue angel - the environmental label

Made In Germany

Furniture Made in Germany

Oeko-Tex Logo

Oeko-Tex - the world's leading seal for textiles tested for harmful substances