Consulting & Planning

Why just make furniture when we can create entire worlds?

We help furniture retailers, architects and interior designers to find the best solution for each living situation and to make it a reality.

Experts in planning, design and manufacturing

Through the interaction of s-designteam, the production of Yomei and the exhibition Schelbach Home in one building, the glass manufactory, we are at your disposal with our wide range of expertise.

As experts in every field, we are able to respond to the most diverse needs. We help to realise individual wishes, solve problems in advance and create a living environment that gives pleasure and ensures harmony. With individual pieces as well as complete furnishings.

Step by step to a home design

Flexibility is the most important thing for Schelbach home planning. With us, you can get an idea of your desired home design in advance. To get a vivid impression of the new room solution, you can view it in a 3D visualisation - in every perspective, and optimise it step by step.

What makes us unique

Our own design team

From consulting to photo-realistic 3D visualizations to 3D printed miniature models: Our in-house design team - s-designteam - is at your side with creativity and state-of-the-art technology.

Our own production

We build our design furniture ourselves. In our production facility of - Yomei - professionals with hand and heart are at work, creating top quality products from natural, honest materials.

Professional training

With the - Schelbach Home exhibition - we offer professional trainings for retail staff, teaching skills in the areas of interior design, combination of furniture and consulting.

Bed Detail
S100 bed from Yomei in a hotel room

Our services

Interior planning

Be it the interior design of a room or an entire house - we find custom-fit solutions for the most diverse circumstances and needs.


A place for inspiration, advice and training - this is what makes our exhibition, which presents the entire Yomei collection in one space, unique.

3D visualizations

On the safe side: photorealistic representations make it possible to plan in detail, visualize wishes and identify problems in advance.


Our designers are also carpenters. Therefore, the designs are technically sophisticated and can be implemented as a prototype in our factory.

3D printing

Thanks to 3D printing technology, we produce requested furniture as a miniature model and you can hold it in your hands in advance.

Training sessions

We offer professional training with focus on interior design, furniture mixing and consulting for retail professionals.

S100 Dining Table with Magic Mirror View

How does a collaboration with us work?

01 - Conversation

The first step is to understand what you want and find out what you expect from your rooms.

02 - Designing the rooms

We create inspiring collages and 3D presentations so you can preview the project.

03 - From vision to reality

You choose. We deliver and assemble, arrange and decorate. Just as you wish.

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Who are you working with?

We are a team of specialists who design individual solutions for end customers' living situations.

Schelbach Home Team

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