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Our philosophy

The 5 senses

Because living touches us

The objects with which we surround ourselves and live have an influence on us and thus on our well-being. We want to shape this positively with our products. With Schelbach Home you can experience the connection between furniture design and nature with all your senses.

Desk drawer wood
Minimize Round Coffee Table Detail


You can feel the diversity of our furniture. A range of natural materials and technical options allow the surfaces to feel different every time: rough, smooth, hard or soft - whether made of wood, leather, metal, stone; or Pantex, specially developed for Yomei for interior use.



We humans like to surround ourselves with beautiful things. Philosophically speaking, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Since we combine aesthetics with a high practical benefit, our claim is that the end product radiates harmony. On all levels.

Minimize Round coffee table from above
TV cabinet drawer


Drawers and doors close gently and quietly. Wood has a warm and soothing sound. We often only notice how important the sounds of furniture are when they disturb us. That's why it's worth listening more closely at Yomei . A treat for the ears.


The sensory perception of tasting arouses emotions and triggers memories - and is directly linked to the sense of smell. That is why a visit to the forest also conveys the feeling of tasting the scent of the trees. Through our natural oils, you immerse yourself in this moment again.



Our wood has absorbed the aromas of the forest over decades. All seasons, weather conditions and different soil conditions are reflected in a special "tree scent". The surface treatment with natural wood care preserves this aroma.